Wednesday, May 1st 2013

Wednesday, May 1st 2013

Soup of the Day:

Pork Noodle with Tofu & Vegetables



Grapefruit Cured Scallops ripe avocado, pinenuts, watercress, grapefruit vinaigrette


Small Plates:

Seared Scallop & Goose Liver pea shoots, lemon, black garlic caramel  11


Long Stem Fried Artichokes   saffron–sunflower aioli, lemon, parsley  8


Local Watercress & Pickled Bok Choy Salad   orange, snap peas, sunflower seed, miso vinaigrette   10


Crispy Pig Ear Tostada   jalapeno–avocado slaw, cilantro, Melinda’s habanero hot sauce   *4  7


Big Plates

Crispy Skin Artic Char   26

Spring vegetable succotash, grilled artichoke, local ramp & dill coulis


Sesame Seared Tempeh  *5     20

Napa kim chee, shiitake mushroom dumpling, snap peas, miso vinaigrette


Pasta of the Day:

Home-made Tagliatelle with Mexican White Shrimp & Saffron Cream Posole   17/23

Poblano pepper, hominy, fresh avocado, cilantro


Bar Features


Featured Wine:

Chateau de Marsan Grand Vin de Bordeaux  2009      9/36

From famed winemaker Don Rafael, a lush Bordeaux with Old World complexity

Featured Brewski:

Quimera Amber Ale, Santiago, Chile     7.50 gl/ 15 bt

All the way from Chile and WORTH IT!  Classic Amber Ale with body and character

Featured Cocktail:

May Day Margarita      10

Pink Guava puree, Tres Agaves Blanco Premium Estate Grown Tequila, Blue Agave Nectar



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