Wednesday April 10th, 2013

Wednesday April 10th, 2013

Soup of the Day:

Asiago-Asparagus “Bisque”



Wild Baby Maine Shrimp 3 citrus marinade, pico de gallo, tomato reduction, cilantro  *4


Small Plates:

Butter Poached Radishes served simply with sea salt and parsley  7


Crispy DOBE Tempeh Tacos with chipotle cabbage slaw and housemade queso or vegan queso     8


Greek Grilled Cheese charred Haloumi, flatbread with tomato bruschetta and pomegranate molasses 9


Chinese Trotter Dumplings in rich broth with fresh vegetables & chili garlic sauce     8


Big Plates

Surf & Turf “Pot Pie”   21

Pulled rabbit confit, clams, and mussels in a creamy broth with root vegetables and biscuit croutons


Korean Inspired Cowboy Ribeye  *6     30
22oz bone in ribeye, house fermented Napa kim chee, crispy potato, watercress, miso – soy butter     


Pasta of the Day:

Penne Morcilla  oyster mushroom, garlic, brussels sprouts, Filetto di Pomodoro   17/22


Bar Features

Featured Wine:

Cottonwood Creek Red, CA   organic grapes create this fruitful aromatic red with a smooth finish    8/32


Featured Cocktail:

Absolut Cherry-Cran Cooler  Absolut Cherry- Cran Vodka, muddled fresh basil and lemon, home-made lemon-aid, and a spritz     8


Featured Brewski:

Blue Point Brewing Co. Spring Fling Ale  craft brewed copper ale,  NWBB loves NY brews!   4.75




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