Tuesday April 9th, 20013

Tuesday April 9th, 20013

Soup of the Day:

Asiago-Asparagus “Bisque”



Key Lime Cured Halibut pineapple-carrot slaw and avocado-key lime ice cream


Small Plates:

Butter Poached Radishes served simply with sea salt and parsley  7


Crispy DOBE Tacos pulled NEFF beef rib or tempeh served crispy with a chipotle slaw, manchego   8


Greek Grilled Cheese charred Haloumi, flatbread with tomato bruschetta and pomegranate molasses 9


Big Plates

Rainbow Trout “Saltimbocca”   25

Whole trout layered with sage, zucchini and imported speck with corn pudding, greens, butter poached radishes and beurre noisette


Korean Inspired Cowboy Ribeye     30
22oz bone in ribeye, house fermented napa kim chee, crispy fingerlings, watercress, miso – soy butter     


Pasta of the Day:

Penne Morcilla  oyster mushroom, garlic, brussels sprouts, Filetto di Pomodoro   17/22


Bar Features

Featured Wine:

Cottonwood Creek Red, CA   organic grapes create this fruitful aromatic red with a smooth finish    8/32


Featured Cocktail:

Facata Docta’, Albany’s own Coal Yard White Whiskey, Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry soda, tall and cool   7


Featured Beer:

Spring Fling craft brewed copper ale   4.75




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