Tonight’s Specials:  Saturday 10-20-12

Tonight’s Specials: Saturday 10-20-12

Soups    Bowl 6 / Taste 3           

Potato & Leek with spinach and gorgonzola

Tomatillo and hominy


Ceviche of the Day 10

Chipotle Tilapia Salsa tomato, onion, cumin, crispy tortilla, lime, cilantro    *3

Daily Taco   9

Dim sum Ahi Tuna Belly Served cold, with Korean green cabbage & scallion slaw   *5


Small Plates

Oxtail Marmalade Parfait bleu cheese whipped potatoes, gorgonzola, and fried shallots        11


French Country Rillettes served on toasted baguette with grainy mustard and pickles   10


Winter Squash Risotto topped with butter poached lobster   12


Big Plates    


Italian Style Braised Wild Boar Shoulder     26

rubbed with fresh herbs and garlic and slow cooked all day, served with soft polenta, roasted mushrooms, escarole salad


Mediterranean Style Ahi Tuna        28

8 oz Ahi tuna steak served over warm Fregola Sardo, broccoli rabes and a sundried tomato coulis


Bar Specials

Featured Wine  

Castillo de Monjadin Garnacha, 2010    8 glass/32 bottle

The French will gladly take credit for their fine Grenache but we found this great little Spanish version of that varietal.  Oak aging builds a solid structure, with bright complex fruit, ruby color and good balance.

Featured Brew

Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale    4.75                                                                                                               Brooklyn’s take on a New England classic.  Delicious and pumpkin-y!  What more can you ask for?!

New Bar Product

*Albany Distilling Company’s Coal Yard, New Made Whiskey from right here in Albany, the first legal still since Prohibition.  Try it neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer…it’s a real winner! *  


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