Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Soups    Bowl 6 / Taste 3              

Sopa De Lima with Freebird Chicken


Ceviche of the Day

Lime Cured Baby Shrimp red pepper, onion, jalapeno, olio santo, micro basil, watermelon granita


Small Plates

Plantain & Pulled Carnitas Tamale slow roasted DOBE pork shoulder, housemade queso, lime crema     8


Asian Inspired “Moules Frites”   12

PEI mussels steamed aromatic lobster broth, Chinese sausage, dashi seasoned fries, bonito aioli


Wild Striped Bass Taco warm pepper & orange salsa, mango ranch sauce, cilantro, lime      9



Big Plates   

Pistachio Crusted Wild Striped Bass    27

Served over a tomato – olive – pepperoncini ragout, haricot vert, fingerling potato, wilted lacinata kale


Greek Inspired Lamb Duo    28

Souvlaki grilled loin chops, baked lamb & eggplant moussaka, braised cauliflower, pistachio baklava, fennel – mint yogurt sauce


Chef’s Pasta of the Day

House Cured Venison Prosciutto & Speck Carbonara    23 / 18

Free range egg, black pepper, pecorino, fresh linguini, parsley


Bar Specials  

Featured Wine:   Cottonwood Creek, California  2010   8/32

Red table wine made entirely with organically grown grapes and eco-friendly practices.


Featured Brewski:  Davidson Bros. Brown Authentic Ale   4.75

From our good friends in Glens Falls, an English style brown ale, medium bodied, moderate maltiness.


Featured Cocktail:  The Last Word   10

Gin, chartreuse and Maraschino liqueur with a dash of fresh lime juice served up.


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