Saturday, April 13th 2013

Saturday, April 13th 2013

Soup of the Day:

Warm Borscht with caraway crème fraiche

Celery – Blue Cheese with Melinda’s Hot Sauce



Wild Baby Maine Shrimp 3 citrus marinade, pico de gallo, tomato reduction, cilantro  *4


Small Plates:

House Smoked Bacon Deviled Eggs with Radix radish sprout salad & honey mustard vinaigrette       8


Greek Grilled Cheese charred Haloumi, flatbread with tomato bruschetta and pomegranate molasses 9


Chinese Trotter Dumplings in rich broth with fresh vegetables & chili garlic sauce   *4     8


Seared Diver Scallop & Oxtail Marmalade white bean puree, pickled ramps, lemon zest       10


Big Plates

DOBE Swordfish Posole  hominy – tomato stew, braised kale, salsa verde      27


Korean Beef Shortribs on the Grill     26
housemade Napa kim chee, snap pea stir fry, ginger rice, scallion – soy butter     *3


Pasta of the Day:

Spring Vegetable Prima Vera ramps, radishes, asparagus, mushroom, baby spinach, pecorino    17/22


Bar Features

Featured Wine:

Georges Dubeuf, Beaujolais-Villages ’10 – France

tender, wonderfully fruity wine, complimenting lighter fare    8/32


Featured Cocktail:

Hibiscus Fizz

Absolute Hibiskus Vodka, house-made hibiscus syrup, topped with sparkling rose and a twist of lemon   9


Featured Brewski:

Peak Organic Simcoe Spring Ale

From Portland, ME a 100% organic brew, dry hopped with Simcoe hops, Springtime in a bottle   4.75


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