Monday November 19th 2012

Monday November 19th 2012

Soups    Bowl 6 / Taste 3           

New England Cod Chowder

Latin Hominy and Tomatillo

Ceviche of the Day  10

Wild Baby Maine Shrimp crème fraiche, pickled pear, artichoke petals, trout roe


Daily Taco    9

Porkbelly Tacos                                                                                                                                                         slow braised porkbelly finished crispy fried, fire roasted poblano – tomatillo salsa, zesty turnip slaw, cilantro

Small Plates

Classic Beans and Greens  garlic, onions, escarole, fatback, white beans in a rich chicken broth with toasted baguette. A favorite comfort food.  9


Moules Frites (sort of…)  P.E.I. mussels in a fennel citrus lobster broth, sweet potato fries drizzled with pomegranate molasses  12


Big Plates    

Creole Seafood and Grits  17/22

Shrimp and corn flour breaded oysters in a rich and savory tomato bacon cream sauce, served on top of a bowl of creamy grits.


Veal Osso Bucco roasted parsnips, bone marrow dumplings, fried garlic – Grana Padano gremolata    28


Bar Specials        

Featured Wine

2008 Wolffer Estate Merlot    9 glass/35 bottle

Unique South Shore soil combined with cool Atlantic air make for ideal Merlot growing conditions.


Featured Brew

Doc’s Draft Pumpkin Hard Cider    15.00 (22oz tableside bottle)                                                                         Hand crafted from NYS apples and fresh pumpkins with champagne yeast from Warwick, NY.

Featured Cocktail                                                                                                        Royal Maple-n-Ginger   8                                                                                                   Crown Royal Maple finished Whiskey, served tall on ice with Saranac Ginger Beer



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