Chef Ric Orlando is “Chopped” Champion!

Chef Ric Orlando is “Chopped” Champion!

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Second Place- Best Vegetarian

Chef Ric is “Chopped” Champion!

Read about his Food Network debut in the Times Union

One Response to “Chef Ric Orlando is “Chopped” Champion!”

  1. Sarah


    I watched every episode of Ric competing and I have to say that he is defintiely an awesome chef–and a really genuine and nice person. I was nearly devastated when at the very end, another chef won the $50,000. I was so sure that Ric was the one–and I still think that over all, he defintiely deserved that win. Anyways, I am a student at Le Cordon Bleu in Boston and think Chef Orlando is defintiely a great culinarian!!


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