Five Year Anniversary – Customer Favorites & Memories

New World Bistro Bar celebrated its Five Year Anniversary in March 2014.

We are so grateful to you, our customers,  for helping get us to 5 years, we couldn’t have done it with out you!

So here’s to five wonderful years, and many more to come.


Here’s a look at what our customers had to say about their favorite dishes, moments and memories here at NWBB!




“First time I ate here (NWBB) I realized Albany, NY now has restaurants on par with Manhattan & Brooklyn. Thank you NWBB.”!

– Mira S

“This was the very first restaurant we ate at before we decided to move to Albany. It sealed the deal!”!

– Lindsay H

“My husband and I come here to celebrate often! Today we are celebrating six months of marriage and five & a half years of happiness together! Happy Anniversary NWBB!”
– Kayla K

“Dinner December 2011 to celebrate my daughter’s early acceptance to her dream college. We split the ice cream sandwich for dessert (PB cookie, vanilla + caramel with chocolate sauce) and we come back to celebrate the end of every semester.”

– Anne H

“Dinner outside on warm summer nights with my mom. She requests to come here every time she visits.”
– Willow E

“The first time I ever came here, I was blown away. We ordered everything from apps to dessert. I got to try things I’ve never tried before and experience tastes I didn’t know existed. Thank you for broadening my horizons and tastes. We LOVE this place!”!

– Heather L

“I absolutely love being able to eat gluten-free without substituting flavor. Also, the wine selection is divine. Dave was pleasantly educated on every aspect of the meal. Thank you for a wonderful dining experience.”
– Naomi D

“October 12, 2012. 50th Birthday impromptu at the family (farm) table with dear old friends and feeling loved. Thank you. We love New World!”

Maureen P.

“We have eaten here countless times over the past few years. We have been not only spoiled by the great (food), but by the equally great staff. That being said, choosing you to cater our wedding reception is our all time greatest memory. Allowing us to share with our family and closest friends some of what we love the most about NWBB. Thank you.”

Kirsten W. & Dan L.

 “I live near Houston and come to New World Bistro every time I have a business trip to Albany. My favorite memory is when my husband flew up here separately to surprise me for our anniversary. I had to bring him here.”

Melinda L.

“Easter brunch for the first time bringing my parents here. They request we eat here every time they visit since their first Easter brunch. Thank you!”!
Stephanie B.

“I love your salmon ? The gorgonzola meatloaf is awesome! Fav’ memory, my 20- something nephew thinks I am so “cool” because I brought him to such a “hip” place.”! Anonymous!

“Being vegetarians, we are so pleased that you folks offer such excellent vegetarian dishes!! We have had 2 Thanksgiving and 2 Christmas meals here – always exceptional!! P.S. Any place that plays ‘Yo La Tengo’ is awesome.”
Tracey M.

“Many birthday celebrations here! I have to say that I think the Eggplant Balls are my new all-time favorite!”

Kelly D.

 “New Year’s Eve 2014. All the courses were fantastic – it was a great end/start to the year. Wine pairings were also perfect.”

Rich N.

“My favorite memory was a family brunch when all my relatives came in from across the country and world (Dubai). But… my favorite dish was a lamb special on Valentine’s Day 2014.”
Steve C.

“Celebrated anniversaries #18 and #19 here! Fantastic food, great atmosphere, favorite part; staff treats EVERYONE the same – EVERYONE gets treated with warmth, dignity and a smile.”
Jen R.

“The night before Valentine’s Day – 8” of snow – the restaurant was quite. Food was excellent (as usual). We had the time to talk to the staff (who seem like old friends). From now on we will celebrate Valentine’s Day the night before!”
Rob B.

“After desperately searching for a place to satisfy a meat-eater and a vegan, coming to the NWBB was an absolute dream. Thanks

Hannah T.

“I enjoy dining here because I am gluten-free. One time Ric changed a particular dish to meet my needs and to-date best dinner ever. Love NWBB.”!
Rebecca O.

“New World is our favorite restaurant. Even though I’ve moved to Indiana and we’re now a ‘long-distance-relationship’ couple, we come here every time I’m back to visit. Your food rocks!”!
Nur A.

“You know how sometimes the worst first dates make the best relationships? Dave and I attempted dinner here on our first date in 2010, unfortunately we didn’t have a reservation and had to go somewhere else. Even though we didn’t get to eat here on our first date we still feel like this was the place it all started and have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries ever since. We recreated our first date tonight and are looking forward to our wedding in October!! Happy Anniversary NWBB!!”

Michelle & Dave

“I brought my girlfriend here because of reputable reputation of NWBB. The food was great, service was great, we must have talked with each other for at least 4 hours. Every thing was great for a first date, we learned a lot about each other, we are still together and madly in love with the food here. Thanks New World for the help with landing the right one ?”!

Sean M.


“There are so many… but meeting Nick & Sarah in March 2011 was a highlight!! We have our regular seats, they know our names and what we liked to drink! We are right at home.”!

Alison & Mark (our Grand Prize Winners!)!